Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happy Hump Day!

 Hello everyone! My name is T'Challa and I am starting a new blog that will chronicle my next three years while back in school for my third and final degree. I am working on my Doctorate of Education with a specialization in Educational (Transformative) Leadership. This is my 6th week out of eight and will have twelve more classes to go. This is a challenge working full-time and attending an online program full-time. The purpose of this blog will allow me to self-reflect during this time, post motivational quotes for myself and others stopping by here, and just a snap shot of my hectic but what I think fun life! 

Here are some pics of getting my mind and body together before the work day. I started four yoga challenges this month and so far not only is my body building flexibility, but also my mind!

Please feel free to comment and hope you have a lovely day :)

Until Next Time...

Future Ed.D

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