Saturday, October 11, 2014

Augh homework day...

Hello everyone! I had to take a mental beak from my school work. So originally we created a work calendar that charted our work, school assignments, and leisure activities. In the beginning I did follow my schedule with a few times not following as exactly planned. This worked for me at first, but for the past two weeks, I have fallen behind and now rushing to complete assignments before Sunday midnight deadline.

I'm still completing my site description, which seems as if I've been working on forever! I took a nap earlier due to waking up before 7 am on a weekend. I sometimes question, why did I go back to school again? I enjoy learning, just not working on projects and assignments. At least it's only one class per term. I have three more sections to work on for my assignment, which hopefully won't be as tedious as the second section. Well back to the school work flow.

 Well Until Next Time...

Future Ed.D

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