Tuesday, October 14, 2014

End of the Day

Hello everyone! So today was a busy one. Went to work and got some school work done in between my residential summary reports. Met with my colleague to review the site description and received some valuable information to tweak my assignement. I have to review my peer site description which is due tomorrow for analysis purposes. There's only one week remaining and I need to review my site description and annotated bibliographies for the final draft. These past few weeks have went by so quickly, before I know it, the program will be over and I'll have my final degree. Going into work early tomorrow so I can complete this weeks assignments.

After work, I visited my mom for her birthday. I also ran into my little brother. Seeing both of them made my day. Learned some new yoga poses today. I'll take photos tomorrow to see how acccurate I'm doing the moves. It's not about being perfect, but being in the moment. Slowly improvng with my backbends which is relaxing. Speaking of relaxing, watching the TV for some R&R. Well that's it for now.

Until Next Time...

Future Ed.D

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